Thursday, June 30, 2011

First meeting with the OT...

Today was our first meeting with Pierce's OT. She was amazing! I am so tired of dragging Pierce from place to place, looking for information, answers, or even just someone to listen to our concerns. She did all of this, finally!

Her name is Michelle, and Pierce clicked instantly with her, which is all I can ask. She said that she feels that while he is on the mild end of sensitivity, there are obviously some regulating issues for him.

She seems to be really well educated in the eating sensitivities, and had lots of suggestions for kid's with low muscle tone in their faces and cheeks. One thing that we are going to try right away is stimulating Pierce's cheeks with tapping before he sits down to eat.

We also talked about some of his other anxieties, like the foam soap, shampoos and lotion, and she agreed with me about being careful not to push him. It was a breath of fresh air to talk to someone who didn't look at me like I was creating these issues myself.

We are going to try some of the strategies she suggested for 6 weeks, and then meet with her again close to his birthday to see where we need to go from there. I am hoping in the meantime we get some answers from the respiratory clinic, and that our Dr. will refer us for more of the allergy testing.

It feels so good to not feel crazy!

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