Friday, June 10, 2011


Pierce Man is lucky he is so cute. Otherwise, I might have killed him today. This definately has made me realize that we really need to think about Cody finding a job that allows him to be around more. It is starting to screw with the kids.

Pierce is always "looking" for Cody. Every truck that drives by, or street bike (never mind that he actually only rides a dirtbike, that detail means nothing to Pierce) he asks if it's "Daddy?". But lately, he has pointed men out, and instead of asking if it's him, he states it. If I ignore it, he gets louder. If I respond, it escalates, and he wants to go visit his "Daddy". At first, it was funny. Now, it seems like Daddy is everywhere we go, and we are giving EVERYONE we see the impression that

a) we don't really know who Daddy is
b)we don't know WHERE he is.

Either way, I already get the teen mom look from most people (which, if you do the math, I am not) and now my kids are getting pity stares and probably starting to make some men's heart rate increase while they rack their brain to see if they know me.

Today was the worst though, ABSOLUTELY.

I only had Pierce, and he was in my arms. He spots some 16 or 17 year old kid across the bank and screams "Daddy!!!" in his direction. I know ignoring it doesn't work, but I tried it anyways. I avoided eye contact with the poor kid, but Pierce was flailing and kicking in my arms, and shouting "Daddy, Daddy, Daaaaaadddyyyyy!" at the guy. Once his shoe connected with my chin, I had to put him down before I dropped him. He raced over to the guy, arms up, still calling "Daddy!"... The kid ignored him, but the kid's MOTHER walked over and BLOCKED her son from Pierce's view, all the while, glaring at me! My cheeks were on fire, I was shaking and desperate, and there was no convincing Pierce that this kid wearing the same Metal Mulisha hat the Cody wears was not his Daddy. I had to pick up my screaming, kicking toddler and run out of the bank. I swear, the kid probably thought he had just been punk'd, and his mother realized that she had left "the talk" a little late.

I'm not leaving my house again. Ever.

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