Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

There has been something hanging over me that last few days. It's been hard to put my finger on, until tonight, when I realized that tomorrow is Father's Day. That's not true. I knew tomorrow was Father's Day, and I had plans to get MY dad a card, and Liv put something together for Cody at preschool. But it occured to me that Cody really won't be here tomorrow, and my kids will be missing out while so many other kids will be celebrating with their dads.

I didn't expect Cody to be an amazing father. I didn't expect him to leave or anything, but the circumstances around my pregnancy with Alyvia were not the most desirable, and Cody is not in any realm, a lovey sort of guy. Or he wasn't, until he held his baby girl.

From that day forward, Cody has done things that amaze me. The relationship he has with each of our children is beautiful. He is not gruff, he has the patience of a saint when it comes to a certain cheeky 4 year old, and he loves more than anything to share his passions with his kids. When I watch him shovel dirt with Pierce, or drive snail paced circles on the dirtbike with bobble headed toddlers, I realize that I could not have picked a better father for these children.

Whether the bond developed instantly, as it did between him and Alyvia, or it was slow and steady, like with his son, his love has been unfaltering and unconditional. He blows me away, has exceeded my expectations, and makes me proud.

I am sad that we have to celebrate Father's Day without him home with us, but it also shows me what an amazing person he is, for getting through this time apart so that we are all in a better, more comfortable place. It isn't hard to see that everything he does is for us.

Happy Father's Day Cody. We love you.

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