Sunday, August 19, 2012

My 3 Year Old

I know I am supposed to say time has flown, but for anyone who has spent much time with Pierce, you know, some days can drag on and on...

He's our handful, our busy body and our charmer. He may exhaust me day after day, but this little boy can make me smile more than any other kid. He has an unreal sense of humor for a toddler, and he works it in any way he can.

The list of amazing things about Pierce could go on and on, but some of the definite highlights for him right now are almost all related to his exceptional Gross Motor Skills. This kid is a Superstar!

Pierce Kenneth
3 years old
41 lbs (Bigger than his sister is at 5 years old!)
Size 10 feet, also bigger than Alyvia

Pierce is a true athlete, with an interest in almost every sport. He loves hockey, baseball, soccer, and anything else that means he is moving. He has been riding a balance bike for almost a year, and 2 days before his third Birthday, he is riding a pedal bike with NO training wheels! He is a daredevil on his bike, scooter and skateboard. Sometimes, it's better if I just don't watch!

Pierce had a great time on our summer holidays to Portland this year, but one of the best parts of it was how comfortable he became in the water and how much his swimming has improved. We were lucky to convince him to get into the pool before that trip, and now we can often even get him to put his face in!

Our Little Dude loves Mac and Cheese, and would eat it for every meal, he wears his hockey or dirtbike gear almost every day, and some nights, we have to go and peel it off of his sweaty body once he falls asleep. Everything is all about hockey, every book, every game and almost every conversation!

He is loud. Like, SO loud. He is talking more, after some hard work in speech therapy, and has some really great questions and thoughts that we are finally getting to hear about!

Pierce is so attached to Cody, he is his little sidekick. In some ways, I truly worry that we may have done some damage to him by having Cody work away for so long. The poor guy doesn't let Cody use the bathroom alone some days, and cries when he has to go to work. His Dad is truly his very best friend.

P is a "Go hard or go home" kinda guy, and he throws himself 100% into everything he does. He plays hard, tantrums hard, and sleeps hard. He is the busiest guy I know, but has the smile that makes me want to chase after him!

Happy Birthday to my Handsome, Energetic, Amazing Little Dude.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who am I?!

I thought I had come to terms with just how lame I am, but I hit an all time low this morning when I woke up and realized that I had actually been dreaming about sorting laundry by color. I need a life.

What a helper.

Why yes Pierce, I can see what a good job you did when you dipped the broom into the dirty water and mopped the dining room floor! Here, let me just use a towel to soak up the 3 litre puddle you slipped in on your way to wash my window with a diaper wipe. Those hardly smudge at all, right? That's ok though, I'll have plenty of time to clean the smears off the window while you're keeping busy in the bathroom emptying Nixon's baby wash onto the bath mat. Oh, and don't give it a second thought Buddy, peeing on the front doorstep while the neighbor's realtor drives up with potential buyers is nothing people haven't seen before, and besides, its hard to use the bathroom when your Mom is in there cleaning the floor. Just come on back in when you're done. While I'm hosing the urine off the concrete steps, why don't you go ahead and help yourself to a little snack? I'll get to the glass of juice you just spilled onto your freshly washed dining room floor in a minute, I know how upsetting it can be when all your hard work goes to waste.