Friday, November 2, 2012

6 years...

I can't believe I am writing this post. When did I get old enough to have a 6 year old? And how did I get so lucky to have OUR  six year old?

Alyvia is 6. She is 41 lbs, love sparkles and glitter, and has an amazing imagination.
Liv is a thinker. I think she is a great leader, but she is often the one to sit back and watch what the others are doing before she moves in and begins planning.

She has lots of friends, for her birthday party this year we really asked her to shave back her list, and we still ended up with 9 screaming little girls. Luckily, after some pizza and pearler beads, they all settled in and it was actually one of our most successful birthday parties yet, with the least amount of work. Well, if you don't count the messy house the next day, and the beads I am still finding in every corner of the living room!

Alyvia is learning to read, in english and some french, thanks to FI kindergarten. She works so hard to perfect her printing, and is always working on a new book, journal or art project. She worked hard last spring, and is riding her pedal bike with no training wheels now!

Her favorite things to play are imagination games, or role playing. She is always teaching a class, or instructing her brother in yoga, reading, shopping or whatever else she can come up with at the time.

She is a hoarder, and a paper collector. She gets rid of nothing, unless I can sneak it out of the house. If I need an hour or two uninterrupted by her, I send her to "clean" her room. Usually she gets absolutely NO cleaning done, but she will quietly organize her belongings in some sort of display, or find some toy she forgot she had and start playing with that.

She loves her brothers, and she is fantastic with Nixon. She will lose her patience with Pierce, but if he is in a cooperative mood, she will include him in whatever game she has created.

Liv is ADORABLE. She still has huge brown eyes, she is smallish in comparison to some of the kids in her class, and her hair is finally long and thick enough for us to do some pretty fancy braids in.

She works so hard at everything she does, and this season she is working hard in her Sunfish Swimming lessons, and Bronze Gymnastics. She is trying hard to achieve her badges for swimming so that she can start swim club next year. She is jealous of her brother's skating ability, and I am hoping that will push her to take some more lessons this winter, even if it is just to try and outshine him!

Liv is a cuddler, a thinker, a leader, a helper, a rule follewer, and a shining star. She adds so much to our family, and is often the first to suffer when we are handing out our attention. She will usually tolerate it, but if she is feeling like she needs some special attention, she will usually let us know with tears and shouting!

Our Beautiful little LivBug is 6. I can hardly believe it, and I still wish everyday that I could come up with a way to stop time and spend every second I can soaking up my little kids.

Happy Birthday Big Girl. We love you, every second of every day!

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